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high protein bar

Most post-workout supplements are designed to, well…be used after working out.

That said, this next product that we’re about to review doesn’t really fit that status quo. Then again, the High Protein Bar is anything but a post-workout supplement.

You see, protein bars can serve as a post-workout supplement, but they can also serve as a pre-workout supplement or even a during-working supplement. In fact, you can take these hearty snacks at anytime during the day that you wish without diminishing their results.

In this review, we’ll take a look at what the High Protein Bar is made of and help you determine whether or not its a protein supplement that you’d like to consider.

What Does Product Do?

As we hinted above, the High Protein Bar serves as a highly nutritional snack that can serve as your kick-start at the gym, at work or even at school or while running errands.

Basically, if you’re feeling hungry, tired, or craving something to snack on…then the High Protein Bar serves as a healthy food choice that you can consider.

Speaking of snacking, the High Protein Bar claims to be just as tasty as your typical candy or granola bar – but much more nutritious, obviously.

Does This Product Work?

Now then, for a product to be nutritious, it almost goes without saying that it needs to contain nutritional ingredients

In terms of the contents of the High Protein bar, you’ll find that there are 20 grams of protein (soy isolate and milk isolate), 20 grams of carbs, 8 grams of essential fats and 2 grams of fiber fit into each individual bar/serving of this snack.

On top of that, there is are no trans fats, cholesterol and only a tiny amount of sodium found in the High Protein Bar.

As you can tell, this product does contain a high degree of nutritional value – about 54 grams of it to be exact.

Now, we should mention that there are 10 grams of sugar contained in each serving of this product. So if you’re diabetic or are simply watching your sugar levels, then this protein bar may not be the best choice for you to pick. Along those lines, we would have expected the High Protein Bar to only contain, maybe, 5-6 grams of sugar rather than 10.

This may be our only knock against its nutritional value.

Then again, the 10 grams of sugar most certainly help the High Protein Bar’s cause when it comes to its taste. Taste-wise, you can expect this product to be a peanut butter and chocolate-flavored granola bar topped with chocolate drizzling.

In other words, yes, the High Protein Bar does work as a tasty treat.

Our Opinion:

In conclusion, the average person should enjoy the benefits of using the High Protein Bar as a supplement to their diet.

Now, we should note that the High Protein Bar may be a little pricier than you expect – a 12-bar box costs about $40 with tax on its manufacturer’s website. With this in mind, you’ll be paying over $3 per bar.

So if you’re looking to spend a little less, we’d suggest roaming the web to see if you can find a better deal. Chances are, there is some odd online retailer out there that is currently selling this protein bar at a much cheaper price than the one listed above.

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